Protecting Your Brand – Down To The MICRON
CLARCOR Engine Mobile Solutions (EMS) is a world leader in filtration system technology.
Our state-of-the-art engineering and material science has one focus, to keep your
machines running at peak performance – 
even in the most demanding conditions.

CLARCOR Engine Mobile Solutions (CLARCOR EMS) is a world leader in filtration system technologies and we bring state-of-the-art and technologically advanced filtration products to the diesel industry.

We understand the required filtration needs for all engines and offer various filters for all size engines and applications. To date, CLARCOR EMS filtration products are supplied to and specified by over 100 different OEM engine and equipment manufacturers around the world. As the most diverse filter company in the world, CLARCOR EMS is committed to helping you build the world’s best machine and protecting its fuel system with the best filtration and fuel additive products.